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Odessa  65058  Ukraine

Academic Vorobiev Str. 5

11th city hospital

Department of Traumatology, Orthopedics and pediatric Surgery


+38(048) 748-10-32

+38(067) 484-29-88


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+38(048) 748-10-32

+38(067) 484-29-88



 Conditions for admission

 and consultation

Conditions for admission and consultation



Conditions for admission and consultation


Information to be provided by the patient: radiographs of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine in two projections including L5 and S1 vertebrae.


Accommodation for non-residents


There are

a hotel-type rest rooms at the railway station (telephone for your reservation +38 (048) 727-13- 68, +38 (048) 727-13- 69. If you've made an appointment in advance you can contact an assistant – Olga Gerashchenko +38 (067) 706-42-13.


The accommodation should be booked two days (one night). The consultation takes place on the first day and includes clinical examination, analysis of available radiographs, formulation of diagnosis, preparation of treatment programs and training of parents and the child. On the second day – reexamination, monitoring of condition and consolidation of treatment program will take place. On the same day the patient(s) can return home.


How to get to us from the railway station


There is a bus Nr. 198 heading from the railway station to the 11-th city hospital (Slobodka, Vorobeva str. 5, 11-th city hospital). You should turn left after the main entrance and proceed to the center of traumatology and orthopedics. Office of the professor Serdyuk is on the 1st floor.


Consultation by phone


"When a patient calls, I usually ask about the problem and how long does it exists, where he or she was treated and what is bothering the most. I ask to have X-rays films if I understand the problem during conversation". Professor Serdyuk.




          • Diagnosis and treatment

          • Proce of the device and orthopedic insoles   - 100$


If we sum up the total costs for the entire period of development of the child icluding costs of medicines and other forms of treatment, our treatment is ten times cheaper. For example a brace costs abt. 4000-6000 UAH, but in growing child you have to buy it every six months. The cost of spinal implants range from 20 000 to 50 000 USD. If massage is prescribed (usually 10-15 procedures) which costs abt. 150 UAH for one session and ussually requered to repeat for several times, the costs will be over 5000 UAH. Moreover, a massage doesn't provides long-lasting therapeutic effect.