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In 1982 professor Serdyuk has been conferred the honorary title of "honored inventor of Ukraine" for given a new direction to orthopedic surgery by using magnetotherapy in patients with fractures complicated by purulent infection, as well as for the development of new treatment methods and tools and their wide implementation in practice of public health. His inventions were used in the treatment of many thousands of patients, including wounded Afghans. Professor Serdyuk is author of 40 inventions.




Professor Serdyuk is a honored inventor of Ukraine, MD, professor of Odessa National Medical University  and academician.



       Magnetic therapy


Magnet was used by ancient physicians, including Galen, Avicenna and Paracelsus. The contemporary scientists found that magnetic therapy influences the permeability of cell membranes and causes improvement of metabolism. Exposition to magnetic field increases the rate of chemical reactions due to activation of movement of different substances in different directions thus increasing metabolism of oxygen, calcium and other substances. This processes improve metabolism.


Blood vessels exposed to the magnetic field are expanding which leads to normalisation of blood circulation, and hence the supply of oxygen.


Professor Serdyuk considers it possible and necessary to use magneto-acoustic stimulation in the treatment of leukemia, especially in children and adolescents. Method proposed by professor Serdyuk aims at active stimulation of the body's own reserves. A magnetic field is absolutely harmless and can be used as a supplement to the basic treatment.



         Diseases and problems to be solved by the magnetotherapy


• Osteochondrosis and spondylosis deformans

• Deforming arthritis of various joints

• Epicondylitis and styloiditis

• Mastitis

• Maxillary sinusitis and other sinus infections

• Cystitis

• Furuncle, carbuncle and panaris

• Acute pulpitis, stomatitis, paradontosis

• Prostatitis, cystitis



         Treatment of sports injuries


• Myositis

• Tendovaginitis

• Retrocalcaneobursitis

• Synovitis

• Hemarthrosis

• Acute synovitis



         Radiculitis and neuritis


• Neuritis of the facial nerve

• Neuritis of the radial nerve

• Neuritis of the sciatic nerve

• Lumbosacral radiculitis

• Intercostal neuralgia



         Prevention of infectious complications after surgical interventions in the

             presence of wounds, abrasions, etc.


        Inflammatory processes


• Arthritis

• Bursitis

• Pyogenic cellulitis

• Abscess

• Purulent skin lesions

• Trophic ulcers

• Open and infected bony inflammation

• Chronic osteomyelitis

• Appendicitis


The product is recommended for use after a consultation and examination by professor Serdyuk.



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